Flash-Based Apps Are Gone. Don't Worry, We've Got You Covered.

For a long time in multimedia software development, Flash was the foundation. That era has ended. Users will no longer have any ability to run Flash-based apps or web programs.

What does that mean for Behrman House digital resources?


Our most popular Hebrew apps do not rely on Flash at all. 

This includes the following apps, all of which are designed to work on mobile devices.  

OLC Edition Software

Alef Bet Quest OLC Edition was developed in Flash. We have created an alterative - Alef Bet Quest Mobile App - that has the same material as the perennial favorite you've come to know. Now with easier access and additional new games. 

Both Kol Yisrael OLC Edition and Ready, Set, Go Alef Bet OLC edition are also Flash-based. These will not be usable after 2020 if you update your browser. There are no current plans to replace these apps with a mobile-enabled version. Of course, the books for those Hebrew programs are available. If you are using the Kol Yisrael books and want online access for students to practice Hebrew, we now have all of the prayers available free on our website (see below). 

Free Online Resources

The Play & Learn section of the Behrman House website houses plenty of FREE, non-Flash resources for learners to use - whenever, wherever. Here's what you'll find:

    • Listen to prayers in order of the service. Or follow the Hineni curriculum levels. The page also includes a link to Reconstructionist versions of relevant prayers.
    • Use a Hebrew keyboard to type messages to students, teachers, family, and friends
    • Focus their Hebrew language studies on particular subject areas (such as clothing, the family, food, and telling time) with Ulpan Alef Interactive
    • Practice Hebrew reading of letters and vowels*Note: this is not mobile compatible.
    • Play Jewpardy, the popular trivia game available in 12 Jewish-themed versions, with themes such as Purim, Bible, and Shabbat. All of Jewpardy questions are also available in PDF format so you can play offline, or at a Shabbat or holiday program. Click here for the PDF version.
    • Practice reading and recognizing modern Hebrew words with 285 downloadable word cards. Cut into flashcards or print two copies and use to play a memory game.

To access these free resources, visit the Behrman House website. Click on the Play & Learn menu option:



Questions about Hebrew apps or other digital resources? Contact us at customersupport@behrmanhouse.com



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