Your Top Tech Questions, Answered

Behrman House is committed to supporting our customers when it comes to placing orders, using our digital products, navigating our site, and more. Here's what you need to know to work through common tech questions.


My organization has previously been billed for Behrman House orders. But when I try to place an order on account, my only option is to pay with a credit card. What’s going on?

There are three possibilities:

  1. You may not be logged in! Click “sign in” at the top of the homepage and enter the email address and password already linked to your organization’s account with us. Each organization has a single email address in our system. All online orders for your organization must be placed with that email address, or else you will be prompted to pay be credit card. If you need to assign a new primary email address (for example, if someone has retired), please give us a call.
  2. You may be logged in with the wrong email address. Again, you must use the email address linked to your organization’s account. Note that using the correct email address also ensures that you receive a 5% discount on Judaic titles. If you don’t have the login credentials for your organization’s email address, please give us a call. We’re happy to take your order on the phone.
  3. We may have removed your organization’s credit limit because of outstanding balances or late payments. Please give us a call if you’re wondering about this.

I’m interested in your digital apps. How can I preview these materials to decide if we want to purchase for our students?

If you’re interested in Alef Bet Quest Mobile App, Shalom Hebrew, or Hebrew in Harmony, download them in the Apple App Store or Google Play (NOT the Behrman House store). Those apps all have a few free, fully functional lessons for trial.

Our other digital materials use a different sign-in system. Create an account on our site if your organization doesn’t already have one, then give us a call about the app you’re interested in. If you’re an educator, we will pass you a free license so you can sample it. The free license will be available at, once you’ve logged in.


I made a mistake with my order! Can I fix it?

As careful as you are when ordering, mistakes sometimes happen. Perhaps you entered the wrong shipping address, products, or product quantities. Orders placed on a credit card are processed right away and we cannot guarantee a correction or order cancellation. (This is another reason to be sure you’re logged into your organization’s account when ordering online – see first question above.)

If you receive an order with the wrong products (or too many of them), you can return them to our warehouse for a 100% refund for the value of the books. Please see our return policy for more information.


I purchased access to the new turn-page versions, but I can’t find them on the OLC. Help!

The turn-page books are NOT part of the Online Learning Center. To access the turn-page versions you purchased, log into your account at Then click “Account” from the top menu. Then click My Downloadable Products from the menu on the left. Select the item you wish to open. Share that link with teachers for the class.


Last year I purchased digital licenses but never assigned them to students or teachers. Did they expire?

No, the clock starts on digital licenses only after they’ve been assigned to a user. They will still be available on your account.  


Still have questions? Call us at 800- 221-2755 or email us for further assistance.