Judaics Materials Now Available for Remote Learning

Ensure continuity in your school programming this coming year - whether you meet in person, by video conference, in online tutorial sessions, or in some combination.

Access to online turn-page versions to many of our most popular Hebrew and Judaics materials is now available in a package to help you safeguard your program and learning goals, even if your school switches settings partway through the year.

The Judaics materials with online turn-page access will include Bible, values, holidays, and Israel. The following titles are currently available. 

The following Hebrew materials are also now available with turn-page access: 


What’s Included

  • A physical copy of the book
  • Access to a digital turn-page version of the book, with permission to share it with one student in a remote learning setting. Access to the turn-page version runs through July 2021. 
  • Select pages from the book for students to download and print.
  • Printable guide for teaching the material in a remote environment.

Purchase one package for each student - there is no extra charge for teachers! Books will be shipped, and the turn-page version delivered via a link that you can share with your teachers. When working with students in video-conference platforms such as Zoom, teachers can share their screen to show the turn-page version while students use their books to follow along, or for regular practice, independent work, chevruta study, or as a portfolio of completed work. The turn-page version is an exact replica of the physical book - same content, same page numbers. 

We understand this is new, and hard. These new tools will help you maintain your curriculum with a fairly seamless transition to remote learning or a hybrid model. 

Questions? Reach us at customersupport@behrmanhouse.com


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