Ellen Allard has been performing and teaching music for more than 30 years. An award-winning recording artist, composer, performer, and educator, she charms audiences with her interactive, infectious, and entertaining music.

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Elana Arian is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and recording artist in both the Jewish and secular music worlds. She has performed all over the U.S., including five performances at the White House. She teaches guitar at HUC-JIR, and plays in the house band at Central Synagogue in New York City.

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Noah Aronson, Co-Host and Musical Director of Hebrew in Harmony, is an energetic and soulful composer/performer whose unique musical style propels his music into communities across the country and in Israel. 

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The Bible Players - featured performers - have been called “Judaism’s hottest comedy act” by The Jerusalem Post. Aaron and Andrew  tour all over the country performing for Jewish audiences of all denominations with comedy shows based on Torah stories, and also run training workshops. 

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Joseph Black is the senior rabbi of Temple Emanuel in Denver, Colorado, serves as Chaplain in the Colorado House of Representatives, and is an accomplished musician, writer and poet.

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Blue Fringe infused their taste in pop, soul, and rock with Jewish spiritual ideas. The band members met at Yeshiva University in 2001 and released three well-received albums.


Joshua Breitzer is cantor and music director of Congregation Beth Elohim in Brooklyn. As a dedicated and passionate Jewish music educator, he has coached young artists at NYC Opera, The Juilliard School, and Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts. He teaches at HUC-JIR and is VP of the American Conference of Cantors.


Joe Buchanan blends southern soul and country charm, into a distinctly Americana music, grounded in the belief that there is always more room at the table. He hosts Jewish Rock Radio’s Emerging Artist Showcase and has been featured at numerous festivals and conferences.

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Matt Check is an accomplished singer-songwriter, guitarist, banjoist, and producer of bluegrass and Jewish children’s music. He is the Director of Jewish Education for the Bronfman Center at the 92Y in New York City.

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Susan Colin is an award-winning composer and cantorial soloist based in Phoenix. Known for her vocal quality, her music is both sophisticated and accessible. Susan is also the owner of oySongs, the largest distributor of Jewish music.

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Sam Glaser travels worldwide performing the music from his 25 albums to audiences of all denominations. In his cutting-edge recording studio, Glaser Musicworks, Sam produces music for a wide variety of recording artists and music for TV, apps and games. 

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Shefa Gold is a leader in Aleph: the Alliance for Jewish Renewal and is the director of C-DEEP , The Center for Devotional, Energy and Ecstatic Practice in New Mexico. She combines her grounding in Judaism with a background in Buddhist, Christian, Islamic, and Native American spiritual traditions to celebrate the shared path of devotion.

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Josh Goldberg is a singer, pianist, guitarist, composer and producer in Los Angeles whose compositions explore the intersection between Jewish traditional past and contemporary music. 

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Alan Goodis is a touring Jewish musician playing over 150 events a year. Noted for his dedication to building relationships and community through music, Alan tours throughout the U.S. to serve as an Artist-In-Residence and performer at Temples, Youth Conventions and Jewish Summer Camps.

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Andrew Hahn, the Kirtan Rabbi, has pioneered Kirtan in the Jewish world, criss-crossing the globe to offer communal call-and-response chant concerts and meditation seminars. He has been teaching tai chi and related arts for decades.

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Beth Hamon, the daughter of nightclub musicians, is a bicycle-riding, musical autodidact whose songs straddle the fuzzy line between Jewish and secular themes of justice, hope, renewal and love. She tours as an artist- and educator-in-residence at synagogues, community centers and camps across the country.

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Todd Herzog takes the raw material of life experiences and creates soulful, spiritual, acoustic pop music. He has worked with some of the top songwriters and artists in the world, and is the creator of the Desert Gathering Jewish Music Fest in Phoenix.

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Sue Horowitz is a singer-songwriter from coastal Maine. Her warm and engaging style creates a feeling of community wherever she sings. 

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Michael Isaacson is a prolific and accomplished composers of more than 600 sacred and secular works. He has pioneered the National Federation of Temple Youth’s American folk music style, and is the Founding Music Director of the Israel Pops Orchestra and the Milken Archive of American Jewish Music.

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Elana Jagoda is a prayer leader, music educator, performer and composer who brings soul and innovation to Jewish music. Elana infuses a unique spiritual quality into the music she brings to both performance and prayer.

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Billy Jonas is a songsmith, multi-instrumental, Jewish educator, and interfaith advocate. Since 1987 he has captivated audiences worldwide, using voice, guitar and instruments made from found objects. He currently tours with his voice and percussion quartet, "The Billy Jonas Band."

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Max Kasler works with synagogues, camps, and Jewish organizations to build community through music. He most closely relates to Judaism through his music and loves to weave texts together with his own to create beautiful Jewish music that is powerful, uplifting, inspiring, and fun!

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Noam Katz is a lifelong educator, songleader, song learner and storyteller. He has performed at camps and congregations across North America, Israel, and Africa, bringing a passion for Jewish text, social justice and world music, coupled with his wicked sense of humor.

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Saul Kaye is pioneering a new genre of music: JEWISH BLUES. Like his great-grandfather who blazed a trail from Russia to South Africa to trade cattle between warring African tribes, Saul brings together the sounds of the struggle of the slaves in this country with the history of the Jewish slavery experience.

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Zoë Klein is the senior rabbi of Temple Isaiah in Los Angeles. She is an accomplished author, and her poems and prayers are used in houses of prayer around the country


Kol B'Seder began as a friendship between Jeff Klepper and Dan Freelander. They have been honored by the Zamir Chorale of Boston, and the Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education (CAJE).

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Daniel Leanse is the cantorial soloist at Kehillat Israel in the Pacific Palisades, California.


Naomi Less is a singer/songwriter, ritual worship leader, and experiential educator. She tours worldwide, performing and leading creative Jewish artistic literacy programs. At Lab/Shul NYC, she is a Founding Ritual Leader, Associate Director and Director of Storahtelling. Naomi is an activist for causes that promote the safety and empowerment of young girls worldwide.

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Lisa Levine is a nationally known cantor, composer, recording artist, author and worship artist. Lisa studies and teaches yoga and is the creator and author of Yoga Shalom.

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Eliana Light, Co-Host, Musical Director, and author of the Hebrew in Harmony Curriculum Core, helps individuals discover themselves within the depth and richness of Jewish life and to take ownership of their Judaism. Everything Eliana does stems from a deep passion for Jewish life and learning. 

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Sheldon Low is one of the brightest young stars in Jewish rock music today, performing concerts, ‘Light Up Shabbat’ services, seminars, and leading Artist-in-Residency weekends in Jewish communities throughout North America.

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Chava Mirel and Josh Niehaus are a Jewish and American folk music duo from Seattle who specialize in vocal harmonies and acoustic music. Josh and Chava are known for their rock- and blues-influenced originals as well as mash-up arrangements of prayer settings with popular secular tunes.

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Moshav began when childhood friends Yehuda (vocals, percussion) and Duvid (vocals, guitar) made music together on Moshav Mevo Modiin in Israel. Initially discovered by a group of American students who heard the band play, the group is now based in Los Angeles, where they continue to grow their fan base and have recorded with some of the industry’s best.

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Nava Tehila, Hebrew for "beautiful praise," is a Jerusalem-based ensemble whose original compositions are rooted in Middle Eastern, Hasidic, contemporary Israeli, and other "world" musics.

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Nefesh Mountain is the husband and wife team of Eric Lindberg & Doni Zasloff, who are pioneering a blend of Jewish and Bluegrass traditions, singing English and Hebrew songs alike.

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Josh Nelson is a gifted multi-instrumentalist and songwriter whose extraordinary message of hope, unity, and spirituality work is celebrated and integrated into the repertoire of congregations, camps and communities around the world.

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Joshua Nelson fuses Jewish religious lyrics and meanings with the soulful sounds of American gospel music into "kosher gospel," unique and joyful music he shares with congregations across the country.

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Dan Nichols is one of the most dynamic, influential and beloved Jewish musicians in North America. Dan's melodies have become an integral part of the spiritual and liturgical experience of countless individuals and Jewish communities. Dan spends more than 180 days each year on the road, where he often serves as artist-in-residence for congregations and camp communities. 

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Katie Oringel is the cantor and youth director at Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto. She has performed all over North America and overseas, including at Carnegie Hall and the Jerusalem Theatre.

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Cindy Paley, musical educator and performer, combines education and entertainment to teach Jewish values, holidays and traditions to families across the country. In addition to her recordings and family concerts, Cindy often serves as a cantorial soloist, and is involved in creative prayer services for women. 

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David Paskin, is an accomplished spiritual leader, singer/songwriter, entertainer, Jewish futurist, social activist and award-winning Jewish educator. 

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Jay Rapoport is a nationally touring music educator who takes Jewish values and stories and transforms them into “Ruach Rock”, a catchy piano-pounding style influenced by Ben Folds and Billy Joel. He is also the Director of Lifelong Learning at Temple Sholom of Chicago.

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Jonah Rank is a rabbi, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who serves Congregation Shaar Shalom in Halifax, Nova Scotia as its Maskil ("Teacher of Tradition").



Rick Recht is one of the most celebrated Jewish artists of our time playing family concerts, Shabbat Alive! services, religious school concerts, teen concerts, camp concerts, and tot concerts throughout the United States and abroad. 

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Sammy Rosenbaum is part of Besamim, a group formed in the summer of 2009 at Camp Ramah Darom. Their songs are sung at summer camps and synagogues across the country.


Azi Schwartz is the senior cantor of Park Avenue Synagogue, the largest Conservative community in New York City. He performs in concerts and interfaith missions around the world, from Carnegie Hall to the Knesset.

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Julie Silver is one of the most celebrated performers in contemporary Jewish music today. She tours throughout the world, and has been engaging audiences with her lyrical guitar playing, dynamic stage presence, and megawatt smile for more than 25 years.

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Six13 is a groundbreaking a cappella vocal band comprised of members from varied Jewish denominations and upbringings, bringing an unprecedented style and energy to Jewish music with nothing but the power of the human voice.

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Peri Smilow is a nationally recognized touring artist. She is a performer, composer, educator, and activist whose music and message of tikkun olam have been heard throughout the U.S., Canada, England, Singapore, and Israel.

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Emily Aronoff Teck is a Jewish Music Educator who believes in the power of informal education using music as her tool of choice. Emily's primary focus is early engagement of young Jewish children and their families through developmentally appropriate, enjoyable and meaningful musical experiences. 

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Samantha Trattner is a gifted song-leader and accomplished singer/songwriter, as well as a published watercolorist. She is also a graduate student studying speech pathology.



Josh Warshawsky inspires and engages Jews across generations through music and teaching. Josh has spent the last two years bringing new musical energy to children and adults of all ages in California. 

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Joey Weisenberg is the creative director of the Mechon Hadar's Center for Jewish Communal Music, which seeks to empower Jewish community-building through music. Joey works to educate and train communities around the world to unlock their musical and spiritual potential, and to make music a lasting and joy-filled force in Jewish life.

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Natalie Young takes seriously the power of music, not just in her award-winning compositions, but in how she connects with people as a cantor at Temple Beth El in Aliso Viejo, California.

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