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The Giant, the Slingshot, and the Future King

Dodo Maeder
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Young David felt stuck tending his family’s sheep every day—yes, the sheep were important, but they were also boring, stubborn, and had no sense of humor. David wanted excitement. When excitement appeared in the form of a mountain lion that carried away one of the lambs, David vowed to never let that happen again, and set about learning to fight, using a slingshot. But a slingshot is no easy weapon, and it took David a long time to learn to use it well enough to make a difference—but learn he did, setting himself on the road to saving the Israelites in the war against the Philistines, and eventually becoming king.

This easy-ready chapter book expands on the story of David and Goliath known to so many children and follows David on his path of learning and practice as he develops the skills that will make him a courageous warrior, a talented musician, a faithful friend, and eventually, king. A note at the end explains archeological evidence about the actual reign of David, and an author’s note discusses the persistence and patience David needed to achieve his goals.