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Purr-im Time (Hardcover)

Erica Chen
In this happy, rhyming romp, a group of exuberant kittens get into feline mischief as they celebrate Purim.
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In this happy, rhyming romp a group of exuberant kittens get into some feline mischief as they celebrate Purim and explain the holiday to young children.

"A welcome addition for secular and religious collections alike." --School Library Journal

"Filled with movement and joy" --Kirkus Reviews

Includes A Note for Families that explains the Purim custom of giving mishlo'ach manot, small gifts of food to family, friends, and those in need. Also includes instructions for a mishlo'ach manot craft--a box to hold the Purim goodies.
Three little kittens celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim by baking hamantaschen cookies, delivering gift baskets to friends and neighbors, wearing costumes and marching in a parade, acting out the story of Queen Esther, shaking noisemakers, and enjoying carnival games. While most picture books about Purim for young readers tend to gloss over the Purim story, Waldman provides an age-appropriate context: “Haman wants to hurt the Jews; his heart is full of spite. No one else can save her people—Esther leads the fight! She warns the king of Haman’s plot; the kitties shout, ‘Hooray!’ All it takes is one strong voice—Queen Esther saves the day.” The clever rhyming text scans well, and colorful cartoon digital illustrations that completely anthropomorphize the kittens are fun, festive, and expressive. Hebrew terms like Chag Purim, megillah, gragger, and tzedakah are interspersed throughout, making this most suitable for readers already familiar with the holiday customs. VERDICT A welcome addition for secular and religious collections alike.   –Rachel Kamin, School Library Journal

The Jewish holiday of Purim, here dubbed Purr-im, is celebrated by a trio of lively kitties. Two striped cats and one Siamese bake the tasty hamantaschen, shaped like Haman’s hat, and make baskets of food and gifts to share. After joining a parade with other felines, with everyone in costume, the cats attend temple, where they listen to the reading of the Megillah, or the story of Purim, in which brave Queen Esther saves her people from the evil Haman. Esther discovers Haman’s plot to kill the Jews (described here as “hurt[ing] the Jews”) and warns the king—“All it takes is one strong voice,” the narrator notes. The kitties follow the custom and wave noisemakers called graggers every time Haman’s name is mentioned. There’s also a carnival with fun and games. The narrator reminds readers to give to those in need by contributing tzedakah, or charity, for helping is also fun. The kitties’ various activities present a perfect parallel to the real human holiday. Everything is described in lilting, generally four-line verses, in ABCB form. Filled with movement and joy, the illustrations depict adorable kittens who will delight readers with their antics while also gently teaching them about the holiday. (This book was reviewed digitally.)  Chag Purim Sameach. Happy Purim—and Purr-im—to all. (note for families, craft instructions) (Religious picture book. 4-8) --Kirkus Reviews