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Celebrating Passover

A succinct and accessible guide to the Passover seder. 
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A succinct and accessible guide to the Passover seder. Written for the whole family, this six-page, durable (it's water- and wine-resistant!) folder provides easy-to-follow instructions for preparing and conducting a concise yet meaningful seder. Clearly numbered sections lead the reader through the seder, and illustrative photos make the holiday rituals come alive. Key blessings and the Four Questions are presented in Hebrew, transliteration, and English.

Throughout the folder, a blue computer icon indicates when online enrichment is available. By logging on to the Behrman House web can find engaging seder activities for young children (for example, "Lotsa' Matzah" and "Mini-Seder Chorus") and sound recordings that can help readers learn the blessings and Four Questions in Hebrew.

These family folders can be:

  • Sent home at any grade level
  • Integrated into a school-wide family program
  • Used as instructional manuals for congregational Passover programs

The folders are ideal for the second seder and for use by interfaith families and are sure to build their readers' confidence and interest levels.

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