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Chocolate Chip Challah

What's for dinner tonight?
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What's for dinner tonight? Artist, author, and cook Lisa Rauchwerger serves up mouthwatering meals and memories in her delightful cookbook. Using the Jewish calendar as a framework, both parent and child can cook up tasty treats all year long. With Aunt Ada's Challah (with a twist) on Shabbat, Multicultural Charoset on Pesach, and Sugar Moon Cookies on Rosh Chodesh, "New Moon," families will be sure to find new, meaningful ways to celebrate the Jewish holidays. Each easy-to-follow recipe is designed for children ages 5-11, their families, and their teachers. This interactive text is complete with whimsical, four-color illustrations; an illustrated cooking dictionary; Hebrew vocabulary; and charming stories related to a particular holiday or food. So, set your table with tasty treats and... enjoy!
  • Interactive format for parent and child
  • Easy to use in the kitchen
  • Trivia and information on Jewish holidays

Lisa Rauchwerger, an artist specializing in papercuts, paper sculpture, ketubot, graphics, illustration, and calligraphy, has exhibited her art throughout the United States. Her work reflects her background in both design and Jewish studies.

Editorial Note: Please note that on page 35 of the book, the recipe for "Awesome Apple Cranberry Crisp" calls for 2-3 c. packed brown sugar. This is a typographical error - please use only 2/3 of a cup of brown sugar in the recipe.