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Explorer's Bible, Vol 2: From Sinai to the Nation of Israel

Your students can now explore the Bible as Jews have done for centuries - by pondering, personalizing, and wrestling with the text. 
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Engage your students in authentic, dynamic Bible study!

Your students can now explore the Bible as Jews have done for centuries - by pondering, personalizing, and wrestling with the text. Combining faithful but accessible translations with thematic connections between the narratives and student’s daily lives, critical-thinking exercises, and a sense of wonder, The Explorer’s Bible will help you transform your classroom into a lively Bible study group.

What's New About The Explorer's Bible?

  • True-to-text translation retains the structure and tone of the Hebrew while providing students with comprehensible and age-appropriate language.
  • Explanatory notes and critical-thinking questions clarify and enrich the text, guiding students through difficult passages and inviting them to imagine themselves as part of the action.
  • Opportunities for students to create midrashim of their own, thus participating in dialogue with the Bible in an engaging, authentic way.
  • Connections between text and core Jewish values help students to identify personally with the Bible's lessons.
  • Analyses of key Hebrew words and phrases allow students to identify and understand biblical text.



  1. The Great Miracle
  2. God's Gift
  3. The Courage of Two
  4. Joshua Fights for Freedom
  5. Deborah's Help
  6. Samson's Purpose
  7. Ruth's Choice
  8. Samuel and the King
  9. David's Friends and Foes
  10. David Stands Guilty
  11. Solomon Chooses Wisdom
  12. Elijah's Challenge
  13. Jonah's Message
  14. Isaiah's World of Peace
  15. Jeremiah, the Chosen Prophet
  16. Queen Esther Saves the Jews
  17. Daniel's Risk
  18. Ezra and Nehemiah Rebuild Jerusalem


About the Series:
This is the second book in the two-volume series, The Explorer's Bible. By combining faithful and accessible translations with thematic connections to modern children's experiences, The Explorer's Bible allows students to connect with the text and apply its lessons to their everyday lives.

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