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Frogs in the Bed

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Build excitement before the Passover seder, and then follow along during the seder. Frogs in the Bed is a combination storybook and activity book built around key moments in the seder to encourage young children to participate, no matter which haggadah you use.

A humorously illustrated version of the popular seder song "One Morning (the Frog Song)" is followed by activities that connect children to touchpoints in the seder. Each page draws children’s attention back to what’s happening in the seder around them, encouraging their active participation and helping them understand the seder.

  • Sing along to "One Morning (The Frog Song)"
  • Explore seder plate symbols
  • Recite the Four Questions
  • Munch some matzah shapes
  • Solve the afikoman maze
  • Welcome Elijah with a sparkly cup
  • Plus: make your own jumping frog!
  • Sheet music included

Watch the Frog's in the Bed: My Passover Seder Activity Book trailer made by Ann D. Koffsky!