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Hebrew Alive! Talk, Move, and Play the Ulpan Way

This teacher resource gets children out of their seats with Hebrew games, movement, role playing, and songs.
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A curriculum guide for fun, activated learning. This exuberant conversational Hebrew course is for third- through sixth-graders.

Get children out of their seats with Hebrew games, movement, role playing, and songs. Fully scripted in English for non-native Hebrew teachers. All expressions and vocabulary are presented in Hebrew and English translation. Built on Ulpan Alef and Ulpan Bet student folders, this curriculum guide can also be used independently for conversational Hebrew in as little as ten minutes a day or as a year-long course.

Try it out! Here are eight free 10-minute lessons you can do with Hebrew Alive to put more Hebrew fun and movement into your program--using REAL Hebrew!

The curriculum guide consists of nine units, each built around a theme:

Unit 1: Getting to Know You

Unit 2: Family and Places

Unit 3: Let’s Party!

Unit 4: Seasons and Colors

Unit 5: Let’s Eat!

Unit 6: Clothing

Unit 7: Let’s Travel!

Unit 8: The Body

Unit 9: Occupations



Each unit covers the Ulpan Alef and Ulpan Bet folders related to that theme. For example, “Getting to Know You” covers “Shalom” (Ulpan Alef 1) and “What Time Is It?” (Ulpan Alef 6). “Let’s Travel!” covers “Countries and Languages” (Ulpan Bet 6) and “Israel” (Ulpan Bet 8). All sixteen Ulpan Alef and Ulpan Bet folders are part of the Hebrew Alive! curriculum.


The program uses authentic Hebrew and functional language in which students learn to practice conversations in real-life everyday situations, such as introducing themselves, going shopping, inviting a friend to a birthday party, and telling time.


Hebrew Alive ideas are especially useful for video conference learning to get children up and away from their screens, and using Hebrew in an authentic, functional, and fun way. It’s the perfect change of pace, especially if your program is prayer-based.


Click here to download a complete unit.
Click here
to download 285 modern Hebrew word cards.

Click here for an activity guide and directions for some sample activities. Each of the activities takes about ten minutes.