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Hebrew in Harmony: Hotza'at HaTorah

This 16-page journal is the student's hands-on tool for learning and making meaning of the Hotza'at HaTorah.
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This 16-page journal is the student’s hands-on tool for making personal meaning of the Hotza'at HaTorah. It includes Hebrew prayer reading practice, drawing and other reflection activities, music interpretation, and a variety of prompts for personal relevance. Three “Hebrew Helpers” pages reinforce reading, vocabulary, roots and prayer concepts. Each journal ends with “My Musical Journey”—a summary and assessment page. In addition to its use as a skills-building and reflection tool, the journal can serve as a record of progress and is an excellent way for students to build a portfolio of their work. Use the student journal in conjunction with the digital companion for a complete learning experience—all driven by the essential Curriculum Core.

Hebrew in Harmony is a 3-year Hebrew curriculum for 4th-6th graders that uses the power of music to engage students with prayer.

Educators can select from among 22 individual modules—each devoted to a different prayer—and teach them in any order. Featuring music from today’s top Jewish musicians, along with arts, movement, videos, and a full digital learning experience, this multimedia curriculum invites students to learn to sing and pray in Hebrew, as well as read, explore, and interpret prayer text.

Goals and Enduring Understandings for each module can be found here. (For a Word version, click here.)

A list of the prayers in the series can be found here.

For each prayer, there are 3 components:

Student Journals - One 16-page booklet per prayer that includes Hebrew reading, drawing, and other reflection activities, music interpretation, and a variety of other prompts for personal relevance. Click here to sample the Sh'ma student journal.
Digital App - Each prayer comes with its own videos, music, Hebrew reading and recording for students, teacher review and feedback options, games, and much more. An essential part of the program! App can be used on any device. Try the Sh'ma digital here. 
Curriculum Core - A three-ring binder with fully scripted, timed lesson plans to create dynamic multimedia lessons, student journal booklet answer keys, reproducible word cards, and song lyrics for the music included in that module. Includes art, mindfulness, and movement activities. Click here for a sample lesson from the Sh'ma Curriculum Core.

Included in the Series

Hebrew in Harmony

Why teach prayer through music?

The reasons are many: Music creates a safe and welcoming environment rich with opportunities for learning. Research shows a link between music and emotion, and students learn best when new information is associated with strong emotion and engagement. Music also acts as a powerful memory device. Plus, music adds joy and fun to Hebrew learning. 

Do I need musical skills to teach Hebrew in Harmony?

No! The beauty of Hebrew in Harmony is its roster of fabulous professional musicians who are virtual teachers during the music portions of each lesson. Each lesson is fully scripted, so when it says to “play the music,” just play the music.

Is Hebrew in Harmony appropriate for a particular movement/affiliation?

Hebrew in Harmony is designed to be used by educators and students of any affiliation. Where liturgical differences occur (for example, Avot/Imahot and G’vurot), the variations are presented and explained, and provide a good learning opportunity. In the digital companion, you can choose your affiliation.

How much does it cost per student to use Hebrew in Harmony?

Hebrew in Harmony is a modular program—you can choose which prayers to teach, and in which order. You have options for purchasing: The digital app, which includes all 22 prayer modules: $9.95 per student for a 12-month license. Add on the individual prayer journals, as you choose. Individual prayer journals: $2.95 each for a 16-page print journal. What you choose depends on which prayers you want to teach. Curriculum Core: $59.95. Includes teaching materials for all 22 prayers in the series. Comes with a 3-ring binder.

What resources are available for introducing Hebrew in Harmony to my teachers or parents?

We have developed a PowerPoint presentation you can share with your staff or community to explain the program. Note that there are "talking points" at the bottom of many of the slides.

Click here to download the presentation, "How to Present Hebrew in Harmony"

What resources are available for teaching Hebrew in Harmony?

This is a totally new way of teaching, and we know you have questions. 

The best place to start is with the Curriculum Core, which covers many elements of how to teach with Hebrew in Harmony.

What are the technical requirements for Hebrew in Harmony digital companion?

  • Apple iPhone or iPad
    • iOS 10.0 or later
    • 1.52 GB storage (free space)
    • Internet connection to sign in, open a new module, and for teachers to assess progress.
      App can be used offline at all other times.
  • Android phone or tablet
    • Android 5.1 or later
    • Internet connection while using the app
    • We recommend using devices from major name brands, such as Samsung
  • Computer or laptop
    • Windows 10 or Mac OS 10.12 Sierra or later
    • Most recent version of Google Chrome web browser 

How do directors or admins set up the Hebrew in Harmony digital companion?

Hebrew in Harmony blends print and digital materials to create a unique and comprehensive learning experience.

Log into your school account at Purchase one license for the app for each user.

For detailed instructions, click here.

How do students and teachers access the Hebrew in Harmony digital companion?

From a device: Download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

On a computerGo to

We suggest saving a bookmark to this site.

Open the app and select “Sign In.” Select “Teacher” or “Student.” Enter classroom code. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the sign-up procedure.

Note:  This is a one-time setup; the app will remember users on their next visit.

Where is the music for Hebrew in Harmony?

All the music for the series is in the digital app. Music for each prayer includes a traditional melody plus 3-4 musical interpretations of the prayer.

What can I do if Hebrew in Harmony teaches a different prayer melody from the one our congregation uses?

If the traditional melody in Hebrew in Harmony is not the one your congregation uses, you have the option of adding a custom audio or video recording with your own melody.

How can I try out the program before committing to it?

Be sure to try out the digital component,  download a complete student journal , and view sample pages from the Curriculum Core. If you still aren’t sure, get in touch with us to request a 15-minute demonstration. 

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