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Hineni 2 - Word Cards

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Word cards to supplement the vocabulary in Hineni 2.

Help learners unlock the meaning and underlying value of our pryaers while building Hebrew reading  and liturgical skills.

This full-color three-year prayer series covers the Shabbat morning service in its exact order; prayers, blessings, and songs for home observance of Shabbat and the holidays; and selections from the Friday Night Service and Hallel.

Variations in liturgy for Reform and Conservative services are included. Reconstructionist variations are available here.

Students will learn to read fluently from the siddur, translate key prayer words, identify important Hebrew roots, prefixes,a nd suffixes, connect the prayers with Jewish values, understand the themes of the prayers, place the prayers in the sequence of the service, and participate more comfortably in synagogue services.

Prayers and blessings included in each volume:

Hineni 1: Bar'chu, Ma'ariv Aravim, Yotzer Or, Sh'ma, V'ahavta, Mi Chamocha, Brachot, Brachot shel Mitzvah, Brachot shel Shabbat, Brachot shel Yom Tov, Kiddush

Hineni 2: Avot, Avot v'Imahot, G'vurot, K'dushah, Hoda'ah, Shalom Rav, Sim Shalom, Oseh Shalom, L'chah Dodi, V'shamru, Shalom Aleichem

Hineni 3: Ein Kamocha, Av Harahamim, Ki Mitziyon, L'cha Adonai, Birchot Hatorah, Birchot Hahaftarah, V'zot Hatorah, Eitz Hayyim Hi, Al Shloshah D'varim, Aleinu, Kaddish, Ein Keloheinu, Hashkiveinu, Sh'ma, Modeh Ani

Please note: Ashrei is not in the Hineni program. To include Ashrei, we suggest the Hebrew in Harmony Ashrei booklet. You can find it here. It is also available with turn page access.


  • Presents several prayers (Shema, Ve'ahavta, Mi Chamochah) in their original context - the actual page from the Torah!
  • Isolates and reviews common prayer-reading problems - such as visually similar letters - providing reinforcement throughout
  • Milon-Dictionary for easy look-up of prayer words
  • Instruction in the choreography of the prayer service
Hineni is now available in a variety of formats to meet the varied needs of your learners and your program.
  • Hineni with Turn Page Access, each of the three volumes of Hineni is available with enhanced turn page access for remote learning applications.
  • Hineni Express, a streamlined, one volume version for students entering after fourth grade.
  • Hineni Prayer Booklets offer the flexibility of teachign or learnign prayers in the order you prefer, and the option for self-paced study when used in conjunction wtih Self-Guided Hineni.
  • Hineni Prayerbook Hebrew for Adults, a one-volume version designed for adult study and for parents who would like to understand what their children are learning.


Included in the Series


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Managing Hineni: Classroom Techniques

Hineni: Prayer Mastery Charts

Hineni: Evaluating Process

Hineni Workshop Video

Reconstructionist Variations for Hineni

Stories from Count Me In to Complement and Enrich Hineni

Hineni Prayer Booklets Enrichment Guide

Worksheets for Hineni Prayer Booklets

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