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How It's Made: Hanukkah Menorah

Eliyahu Alpern
This photographic picture book shows how Hanukkah menorahs are made, step-by-step.
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How is a menorah made? Why does it have nine branches? What is Hanukkah, anyway?

Discover all this and more, with over 100 stunning photos that reveal a fascinating world behind the scenes. Meet the people who design menorahs and learn how they do it. From intricately carved brass to fused glass and carved word, you’ll see how each menorah is different and unique, and yet each celebrates the same, ancient, Jewish tradition.

A beautiful, engaging book that can help readers deepen their understanding of  the meaning of Hanukkah.


"An engaging glimpse into the art and craft behind Hanukkah candle lighting. ...With the who, what, where, when, and how of Hanukkah, an informative addition to holiday shelves."
 Kirkus Reviews

"Vivid photographs in a scrapbook-like format engagingly capture the hands-on details."
Horn Book Magazine

"Like the other titles in this series — How it’s Made: Torah Scroll and How It’s Made: MatzahHow It’s Made: Hanukkah Menorah is a bright, clear and completely engaging nonfiction book. In an overabundance of Hanukkah books for children, Ofanansky’s work stands out for its modernity and beauty. The holiday is explained clearly and simply in a way that is accessible for children across the religious spectrum. From why and when we light the menorah to what a menorah is prefaces several fascinating examples of how to make one. Master craftsmen are shown making menorahs out of brass, glass, and wood. Instructions are included on how to make your own menorah and candles. Blessings and customs are also covered. Gorgeous photography by Eliyahu Alpern complements Ofanansky’s succinct text. The overall design perfectly melds these two elements into an inviting book."
The Association of Jewish Libraries