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How It's Made: Matzah

Eliyahu Alpern

How IS matzah made? A step-by-step exploration in photographs.

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How is matzah made?
When and why do we eat it?
What is Passover, anyway?

Meet the people who make matzah — by hand or in factories — and see how they keep to the strict 18-minute limit, mirroring the Israelites' race against time over 2,000 years ago. Find out how the matzah-making process is more than just mixing flour with water, and shows us the value of doing things together.

Bake your own matzah, decorate an Elijah's cup and grow your own greens. Watch it all unfold with more than 100 stunning photos that reveal a fascinating world behind the scenes. 


"All about that flat, unleavened holiday food—from dough to desert. Starting with a brief description of the spring festival of Passover, which celebrates and commemorates the exodus of Jewish slaves from Egypt, Ofanansky goes on to describe, step by careful step, the preparation of matzah. Timing is all-important, as everything from preparing the dough to baking must be completed in less than 18 minutes. It is at the Passover seder where the reading of the Haggadah, the story of the exodus, takes place. Children are always included in this family celebration, and in that spirit there are also instructions for baking matzah at home and creating a matzah cover, Seder plate, and cup for the prophet Elijah, who is invited into the house during the evening. Children familiar with the holiday will enjoy the close-up photographic details. Those new to the festival will learn much, especially benefitting from a well-captioned photograph of the Seder plate. The interactive text is engaging for all. The combination of concise, easy-to-understand text and copious photography presents an accessible understanding of Passover and matzah."
- Kirkus Reviews

"This book explains all about matzah, one of the foods traditionally featured at a Passover seder table.  ...Clear pictures and conversational, concise text make the information easy to comprehend. Kids of all ages will enjoy learning more about this holiday staple and may be inspired to follow the recipe included at the back of the book to make their own matzah."
- The Washington Post