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If I Swam with Jonah

MacKenzie Haley
A child imagines swimming with Jonah and helping him cope with his fishy troubles.
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If I saw a big fish, twice the size of a ship,

and she swam by my boat in the sea,

if that fish opened wide showing Jonah inside,

I would holler, "Hey, fish, wait for me!"

What would you do if you met Jonah and the big fish? Would you make them a seaweed snack? Join them for a swim in the sea?

Maybe you'd show Jonah how to help others.

Ages 3-6; Includes a note for families with a brief explanation of the story of Jonah, struggling with doing things we should but don't want to do, and helping others.



Pamela Moritz is the author of the award-winning If I Lived with Noah and The Great Passover Escape. She is also the recipient of the SCBWI PJ Library Jewish Stories Award and the PJ Library Author Incentive Award for If I Lived with Noah. When not writing or teaching, Pam can be found hiking or reading to her grandchildren. She lives in Israel. 


MacKenzie Haley has been drawing her whole life and even flunked a math test in the third grade because she used the test time to draw characters and faces out of numbers. She studied illustration at the University of Dayton. Her books include Snitchy Witch by Frank J. Sileo and A Flicker of Hope by Julia Cook. MacKenzie lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with her to cats, Booger and Abby. 



"If I Swam with Jon­ah makes a great read-aloud at bed­time, and it’s also the per­fect addi­tion to a fam­i­ly Yom Kip­pur service." - Jewish Book Council

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