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Jewish Values in Exodus LPM

The Jewish Values in Exodus Lesson Plan Manual is meant to be used together with the student book in a full year course.

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The Jewish Values in Exodus Lesson Plan Manual is meant to be used together with the student book in a full year course.

The LPM includes:

  • 14 complete lesson plans, of approximately 50 minutes each
  • Extension activities for further exploration and study
  • Project-based learning
  • Resources for the teacher

Online resources:

  • Find links to articles, videos and other supplemental resources.
  • Download the Jewish Values in Exodus Expansion Pack of Game Cards and play a version of Apples to Apples. Use them with the Jewish Values in Genesis cards, or by themselves. Match values words with the Bible story situations that best teach us those values—or make your own funny combinations of matches. One player gets to be the judge and decide who wins!

Online resources are available for free at

Jewish Values in Exodus: If I Could Ask Miriam

Chapter 1

Shifrah and Puah: About the midwives

Video: Anti-Bullying / Israel

Video: Israeli president speaks about racism

Chapter 2

More Information for Values In Action:

·         Mark Zuckerberg

·         Drake   

·         Sarah Silverman

·         Scarlett Johansson

·         List of Jewish leaders

About the Midrash

Chapter 3

Video:  Let My People Go.

About the spiritual: Go Down Moses

Articles about the freedom music that is shared by both the Jewish and African American communities:

·         The Forward

·         The Jewish Journal


More Information for Values In Action:

·         Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

·         Ruth Bader Ginsburg

·         Rabbi Jill Jacobs

·         Natan Sharansky,

·         Stav Shaffir

Chapter 4

Video: Debbie Friedman’s “Miriam’s Song

Why it is important to be thankful, and how it can help people feel happier.

Video: 100 Blessings

Article: 100 Blessings

About the Talmud

Insights into the questions raised in the exercise, “Rabbi’s Corner”.   

Practicing gratitude in our daily lives  

Chapter 5

Insights into what it means to be God’s chosen people:

·         The language used in the Bible and Jewish prayers regarding the Jewish people’s special relationship with God and what it means.

·         Discussion of the historical development of the idea of the chosen people.

·         Article by Rabbi Alan Lurie: An explanation of why being God’s chosen people does not mean the Jews are superior to others.

·         Article by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks:  On what it means to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.

·         Article by Rabbi Jill Jacobs:  About Israelites committing, “We will do” before the Israelites know what they are committing to doing.

The 10 commandments:

·         As statements rather than commandments

·         The relevance of the Ten Commandments

·         Different versions of the Ten Commandments.

Chapter 6

Insights on how forgiveness can benefit the person forgiving

About Rwanda following the 1994 genocide

About South Africa following apartheid

About Maimonides   

The Groning Case:

·         The case of Oscar Groning

·         The story of how one Auschwitz survivor embraced and forgave Groning   

·         Discussion of whether there are some people who should not be forgiven

Chapter 7

On the benefits of giving