Kol Yisrael 3: Book Only

Do you have extra digital licenses for Kol Yisrael 3 and just need the student book? This is what you want. To get the fully integrated Kol Yisrael 3 OLC Edition that includes a book PLUS a 15-month license to the digital companion, go here instead.
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Characters come to life and help your students learn prayer in Kol Yisrael, the first Hebrew program that completely integrates text-based lessons with animated online learning. If your students love computer games, they'll LOVE this Hebrew program!

In the third and final level of the Kol Yisrael series, students learn the Torah service and concluding prayers in the Shabbat morning service. With their guides Batya and Ben, students go on a multi-media learning adventure through Israel, learn the prayers they will lead at their own bar or bat mitzvah, explore Torah teachings, link prayer words to modern Hebrew, and learn vocabulary they can use every day!

Prayers included in Kol Yisrael 3 by lesson:

Ein Kamocha, Av Harahamim
Kee Mitziyon
Birchot HaTorah
Birchot Hahaftarah
Ein Keloheinu, Adon Olam
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