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Let's Discover the Alef Bet

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Young children learn the names and sounds of the 22 letters of the alef bet in this entertaining and exciting set of twenty-four 4-page folders. Presented in the order of the alef bet, each folder introduces one letter and includes:

  • A key Hebrew word - with an accompanying English explanation - to teach the new letter
  • Inventive activities to reinforce the shape and sound of each letter
  • Additional Hebrew vocabulary words beginning with the new letter
  • Playful exercises to engage the child's artistic and creative interests
  • "In School or At Home" - an activity to be used in the classroom or sent home to encourage family participation
  • Clever riddles to entertain young audiences

As they learn the letters of the alef bet, students develop a basic Jewish vocabulary. For example, bayit teaches bet, and shofar teaches shin. Important cultural concepts are also explained, such as What is kept inside the aron kodesh? and What are ritual objects we use to make havdalah?

Create an engaging classroom activity as children complete each folder, then send it home to show parents what's going on in school!

Each set includes a review folder and a family education folder featuring - a letter to parents, learning games, and alef bet playing cards. Children will enjoy marking their progress on the alef bet chart, as well as using the Hebrew picture dictionary to reinforce letter recognition.

By the time students receive the beautiful certificate of completion, they will have had a delightful time learning the alef bet!

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