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Let's Talk Now! More Modern Hebrew for Teens

A follow-up to Let's Talk Now! is written specifically for 6th-8th graders who are ready to continue growing their Hebrew language skills.
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A follow-up to Let’s Talk!

Let’s Talk Now! is written specifically for 6th–8th graders who are ready to continue growing their  Hebrew language skills. This light, engaging, modern Hebrew language text can be used as a stand-alone book, or as a sequel to the first Let’s Talk!

Like the first Let’s Talk!, each of the nine chapters open with a simple—and funny—Hebrew dialogue. This time the story focuses on Avi, an American teen, as he visits his cousin Karen and her family in Israel. Together, Avi and Karen enjoy everyday Israeli life, going to a movie, the mall, the beach and more.  Through their adventures, and the activities that follow, students will have the opportunity to learn a new set of vocabulary words and practice basic grammar.

Ideal for the busy bar and bat mitzvah student to learn some modern Hebrew quickly and easily.


1-Avi comes to Israel

2-Good morning

3-Yarden comes back from the Army

4-A Hike In the Forest

5-Going to the Beach

6-A Card for the Bus

7-At the Mall

8-At the Movies

9- From Sea to Sea


Nili Ziv served as Director of Education of Jewish schools for more than twenty–five years. She is the recipient of the highest academic award for Educational Field Work from the Israel Ministry of Education, and is the author of Shalom Ivrit, and Let’s Talk! Modern Hebrew for Teens, published by Behrman House.


·      Immerses students in the daily life and culture of modern Israel.

·      Includes illustrations and photographs of Israel, making the Hebrew texts come alive.

·      Provides ample opportunity for ulpan-style conversation.

·      Practices grammar through fun, hands-on activities, rather than through formal rote grammar rules.

·      Includes a milon in each chapter and at the back of the book for easy look-up of all vocabulary.

Teacher’s Guide available.