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Make, Create, Celebrate Lesson Plan Manual

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How can we use art to explore the ideas, vlaues, and themes of the Jewish holidays?

  • How can creating a self-portrait inspire self-reflection and t'shuvauh?
  • How can using natural materials foster a connection to Tu BiShevat?
  • What can we learn about the seventy faces of Torah by observing abstract art?
In Make, Create, Celebrate!, learners will explore works of art by professional artists and create their own original works of visual art, poetry, music, and more. Through these experiences, they will gain a deeper understanding of the big ideas of the Jewish holidays.
You don't need to be an artist to teach this course.The projects require only basic materials and do not require art-making experience or ability. Many can be done inside the student books, which will then become portfolio collections of your students' work to display their personal insights and learning.
This Lesson Plan Manual includes 23 ready-to-use, 50-minute lesson plans. These includes:
  • ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS: Overarching questions that reflect the main idea of the lessons.
  • ACTIVITIES: Step-by-step directions and background information.
  • MATERIAL LISTS: Clear lists of basic and readily available supplies needed for each lesson.
  • EXTENSION ACTIVITIES: Optional activities for further exploration and study.
  • DIGITAL RESOURCES: Links to online resources including original videos that demonstrate activities within the course.

Visit for more information and to see author Julie Wohl demonstrate the activities from the book.