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Shalom Ivrit Book 2

Second year Hebrew (post-primer)

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Second year Hebrew (post-primer)

Expand your students' ability to read and understand modern Hebrew. The second book in a three-year series, Shalom Ivrit 2 is built on the theme of Jewish values. Students learn Hebrew as a living language through engaging short stories, folktales, and midrashim. In the process, they explore key Jewish values, such as self-respect, friendship, and humility. Students acquire 151 new words and develop their language and comprehension skills. Basic grammar-including present tense verb endings, possessives, and root letters-is presented sequentially and clearly, increasing familiarity with Hebrew word structure and syntax as an integral part of language acquisition. Over 170 illustrations help make Shalom Ivrit 2 lively and motivating.

A variety of comprehension activities-including puzzles, cloze technique (sentence completion), true and false, and word/picture matches-reinforce instruction and provide practice, as do additional stories, poems, dialogues, and riddles.

1. Peace/Shalom
2. Good Manners/Derech Eretz
3. Truth/Emet
4. Happy with One's Lot/Samei'ah B'helko
5. Industriousness/Haritzut 6. Self-Respect/Kavod Atzmi
7. Generosity/N'divut
8. Friendship/Y'didut
9. Humility/Anavah
10. Peace in the Home/Sh'lom Bayit

Shalom Ivrit is a graded, sequential curriculum. Its goal is to teach students to read and comprehend modern Hebrew language. It keeps grammar rules to a minimum, and presents them clearly and simply, through the language experience itself. At the earliest levels, the story lines are short and rhythmic. Vocabulary is controlled, useful for every day, and often accompanied by pictorial representations.

Periodic "Checkpoints" reinforce and review students' mastery of vocabulary, reading comprehension, and language skills. Full-color illustrations and photographs ground the language in real-life experience. Each level is built on a central theme: Shalom Ivrit 1 on holidays; Shalom Ivrit 2 on Jewish values; and Shalom Ivrit 3 on the daily life of young teens. Ideal for schools with at least 1½ hours of Hebrew instructional time per week.

Teacher's Edition, Word Cards, and a Prayer Companion available for each level of the series. Music CD also available for Shalom Ivrit 1.

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