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Spirit In Nature: Teaching Judaism and Ecology on the Trail

Examine the beauty and wonder of nature--through Jewish eyes. 
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Examine the beauty and wonder of nature--through Jewish eyes. 

Divided into six chapters--including "Trees: The Torah of Life," "Opening Our Eyes to Miracles," and "Ma'ariv Aravim: Blessing the Night"--Spirit in Nature's 27 activities are designed to enhance environmental awareness from a Jewish perspective.

Through these activities, hikers of all ages will come alive to the miracle of God's creations. They focus on the marvels of nature: hosts of tiny creatures living in the soil, the rainbow of colors embellishing fields and trees and stones, the intricate interdependence of plants and animals. Each discovery celebrates the divine spark that exists within every living creature and every object found in the natural world.

Building on Jewish sources and Jewish tradition, Spirit in Nature fosters respect for flora, fauna, and natural phenomena and shows how to sanctify them with the appropriate prayer, such as the blessing recited upon seeing a rainbow or upon smelling a fragrant plant. This pioneering work will awaken hikers to the wisdom of Jewish tradition in its dedication to safeguarding and preserving the bounty of God's creation.

An index highlighting the connection between key Jewish values and the environment makes Spirit in Nature an effective classroom tool.

A "must-have" for camp directors, counselors, teachers, rabbis, parents, youth group leaders, and community center workers.

Spirit in a unique guide for gazing deep into the heart of Creation and seeing Torah there, for listening deeply to words of Torah and hearing echoes of the earth.

Rabbi Arthur Waskow,
Author of Down-to-Earth Judaism and Godwrestling Round 2: Ancient Wisdom, Future Paths, and director of The Shalom Center.