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Teaching About God & Spirituality

The ultimate source book on God, spirituality, and how to teach both.

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A wide array of renowned scholars and practitioners share their ideas for teaching about God from a Jewish perspective in this comprehensive collection. This enlightening yet practical resource includes ready-to-use lessons for preschool through adult and family education as well as background material to enrich the teacher's own sense of God and spirituality.

Chapters include: "Writing a Personal Theology," by Dr. Neil Gillman; "The Changing Perceptions of God in Judaism," by Rabbi Rifat Sonsino; "The Spiritual Condition of American Jews," by Dr. David Ariel; "The Image of God as Teacher," by Dr. Hanan Alexander; "Spiritual Mentoring," by Dr. Carol Ochs; "Tell Me a Story," by Rabbi Sandi Eisenberg Sasso.