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Teaching Jewish Virtues: Sacred Sources and Arts Activities

Mastering middot and becoming a mensch . . .

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Mastering middot and becoming a mensch . . .

This helpful introduction to Jewish virtues (middot) provides substantive overviews of 22 key middot and includes extensive text study material from Tanach, Rabbinic and Post-Rabbinic sources, and the Siddur. Hundreds of imaginative arts activities (language, as well as visual arts, drama, movement, and music) stimulate creativity development and abstract thinking, and offer opportunites for spiritual reflection and expression with an emphasis on incorporating virtues into the "real" lives of students. Sample lesson plans and retreat schedule make this a practical resource for teachers from grades K through adult.

Table of Contents:
1. About Middot
2. Anavah: Humility
3. Dan L'Chaf Zechut: Give the Benefit of the Doubt
4. Dibuk Chaverim: Cleaving to Friends
5. Din V'Rachamim: Justice and Mercy
6. Emet: Truthfulness
7. Erech Apayim: Slow to Anger
8. Hachnassat Orchim: Hospitality
9. Lo Levayesh: Not Embarassing
10. Malachah: Industriousness
11. Miyut Sichah: Minimizing Small Talk
12. Nedivut: Generosity
13. Ohev Zeh et Zeh/Mechabayd Zeh et Zeh: Loving and Honoring One Another
14. Ometz Layv: Courage
15. Samayach B'Chelko: Contentment with Your Lot/Makir et Mekomo: Knowing Your Place; Lo Tachmod: Not Coveting
16. Sayver Panim Yafot: A Pleasant Demeanor
17. Sh'lom Bayit: Peace in the Home/Peace in the Family
18. Shmiat HaOzen: Attentiveness/Being a Good Listener
19. Shmirat HaGuf: Taking Care of Your Body
20. Simchah: Joy and Happiness
21. Somaych Noflim V'Rofay Cholim: Supporting and Healing
22. Tochechah: Rebuking
23. Yirah: Awe and Reverence