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The Failure Book

When faced with failure, these 22 accomplished artists, athletes, scientists, advocates, business and national leaders each found ways to persist. In learning about their struggles, young readers can identify ways to harness failure to create the grit needed to succeed.
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Albert Einstein. JK Rowling. Michael Jordan. These are not exactly names that make you think failure . Yet, each of them faced challenges, stumbling blocks even outright failures before achieving great success. 

Help young people think about their relationship to adversity and learn to recognize their own strengths, resilience, and grit.

From these inspirational profiles, young people will discover how failure can actually serve as a tool that helps foster growth and ultimately lead to success.

Each profile is followed by creative prompts and interactive activities that invite readers to apply the lessons of these extraordinary people to their own challenges and everyday experiences. 


  • Who Am I? Each story opens as a mystery, with examples of failure and mistakes and readers try to guess the source
  • Biography: 1-page description of each person
  • Try This: Activities that encourage critical thinking, reflection, and goal setting

Download the Failure Book free teaching guide with more ideas and tips for use in remote settings.

Download a sample activity page.