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The Hero in Me Teacher's Guide

All the guidance you need to use The Hero in Me booklets in your setting including instructions for incorporating online resources from ANU - Museum of the Jewish People.
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Discover how we all can be heroes.

In The Hero in Me, 9-11 year old learners will find out about themselves and their global Jewish community by exploring five character traits: courage, kindness, creativity, curiosity, and fairness. They'll consider modern and historical Jewish heroes who embody these strengths, and learn how to cultivate the strengths in themselves.

Through games, art projects, and lively discussions, kids will explore Judaism as a source of strength and inspiration as they navigate an increasingly complex world.

This teacher's guide includes the following feaures:

  • Enduring understandings: carefully articulated concepts that shape each booklet
  • 15 complete lesson plans: three complete 35-50 minute lessons for each Hero in Me booklet
  • Customization advice: suggestion to help you tailor the lessons to fit your specific conditions
  • "Take it further" projects to extend the learning, including online components
  • Activities and resources from the Museum: activities from ANU: Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv that draw upon their extensive online resources

Visit the free online resource page at for links to videos, music, and articles.