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The Madrichim Manual: Six Steps to Becoming a Jewish Role Model

The ultimate hands-on, hip new handbook for training madrichim in your school.
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The ultimate hands-on, hip new handbook for training madrichim in your school.

This 64-page workbook will help principals and supervisors train teenagers to become effective madrichim—to lead by example, to help the teacher manage the classroom, and to treat each child in the class with respect and compassion. The manual is divided into six training sessions, called workshops, each devoted to a separate topic such as facilitating small groups and tutoring individual students, adjusting lessons to individual learning styles, and assisting students with learning disabilities and other special needs. The manual gives teenagers practical techniques and hands-on opportunities to create lessons, lead games, motivate students to participate, and handle discipline problems.


Workshop 1: What Are Madrichim?
Workshop 2: Leadership Skills
Workshop 3: Delivering on Daily Responsibilities
Workshop 4: Working with Small Groups and Individuals
Workshop 5: How Students Learn
Workshop 6: Working with Students with Disabilities

How to Use the Madrichim Manual:

Each workshop forms the basis for a group session of approximately 1 1/2 hours. You can schedule six training sessions throughout the year or select the workshops that are most relevant to your situation. A free downloadable guide will help you implement the workshops, with ways to involve teachers, steps to prepare in advance of each workshop, and methods for setting a tone of appreciation and collegiality. You can also use the manual for madrichim to work on individually, in pairs, or in small groups.

Based on interviews with dozens of madrichim and their supervisors, The Madrichim Manual answers the needs of real people—what madrichim wish they had known before starting their jobs and what principals and madrichim supervisors need to train inexperienced teens to become confident classroom aids. Developed with a stellar editorial committee of rabbis and educators, all of whom have extensive experience training madrichim, The Madrichim Manual will help you prepare your madrichim to become take-charge, respectful Jewish role models who will earn the highest kavod because of the essential work they do.