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The Most Annoying Aliens Ever

When their brothers turn into aliens, Sarah and Talya discover that kindness is the only way to save them.
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One Shabbat morning, when Sarah went to wash her hands, there was an alien blocking her way to the sink.

What are you? she said.

"I am the warrior from the planet Ploni," the alien replied.

"Are you here to conquer our planet? Sarah asked.

"No," the alien said.

"Are you here to kidnap me and take me to your spaceship?"

"No," the alien said.

"Then why," Sarah asked, "are you here?"

"I am here," the alien said, " to splash water on you."

And he did.

As Sarah and her friend Talya try to defeat two annoying aliens, they discover that their best weapons aren't complaints, threats, or even glitter. Their best weapons turn out to be patience, kindness, and even a few compliments.

Includes note for families about how to respond positively, even to those who annoy us. Quotes the Talmud saying "a wise person who becomes angry loses his wisdom."