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Shalom, Reader: 57 Hebrew Activities to Show What You Know

Practice new decoding skills in a meaningful way.
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Practice new decoding skills in a meaningful way.

They’ve learned to decode. Now what?

Build students’ confidence and vocabulary with simple stories and games that provide a balance between ease and challenge. Each of the 10 chapters in Shalom, Reader include short dialogues, stories, and activities that are built on simple Jewish cultural vocabulary that both repeats from chapter to chapter and grows in complexity. By the end, students will have expanded their skills and can easily transition into any reading or prayer learning program.

Easily complements oral Hebrew programs by using common words and phrases students are likely to have encountered, while gaining competence in recognizing sight words.

Read more HERE about ways to use Shalom, Reader with your learners.


  • - Mix of cultural and traditional vocabulary
  • - Activities using various learning modalities, such as partner (chevruta) games, and role play

A companion teaching guide includes strategies for using Shalom, Reader when working with students both in person and in remote environments, activity ideas for the various features of each chapter, and an answer key. Download it FREE here.

"It's so nicely done in its simplicity. We love it!" - Sherry Gutes, director of education and programs at MakomNY



Dina Maiben directs the Hebrew programs at Gratz College. A nationally recognized Hebrew education expert, she has authored more than 19 books, including Alef Bet Quest and Z’man Likro.

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