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Welcome to Israel

Take your students on an informative and fun-filled tour of Israel!
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Take your students on an informative and fun-filled tour of Israel!

About the Book:
Welcome to Israel! presents the miracle of the Jewish state with a sense of wonder, humor, and pizzazz. It introduces students to Israel's history and geography, as well as its political, commercial, and cultural life. Israel's struggle to coexist peacefully with its neighbors is presented in a thoughtful and age-appropriate way. The book also tells kids about Israelis their own age: what they do for fun, their favorite sports and foods, and what their schools are like.

Full-color photos, maps, and whimsical illustrations help make the excitement of Israel come alive. Best of all, Welcome to Israel! develops students' love for Israel and makes them want to visit the country - for real!

Features include:

  • probing questions to develop students' critical-thinking skills
  • biblical quotes to enhance historical and spiritual perspectives
  • creative reinforcement and enrichment activities

Special Features:

  • "My Hebrew Dictionary": Key Hebrew words in Hebrew and English translation
  • "Living Jewish Values": Mitzvot associated with the chapter content
  • "It's a Fact" and "Did You Know?": Intriguing information about Israel
  • "Map It Out": Map-reading activities that develop students' knowledge of Israel's geography