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Women of Valor

Stories of Great Jewish Women Who Helped Shape the Twentieth Century
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1996 Sydney Taylor Middle Grade Notable Book

Eight twentieth-century women, exemplifying the best in Jewish leadership, are profiled here, together with their roles in accomplishments such as the trade union movement, the birth of Israel, and the Yiddish theater.

Includes novelistic profiiles of: 

  • ROSE SCHNEIDERMAN - Voice of a Factory Girl
  • HENRIETTA SZOLD - Mother of Multitudes
  • ZIVIA LUBETKIN - Ghetto Commander
  • IDA KAMINSKA - Leading Lady
  • IDA NUDEL - Guardian Angel
  • SHOSHANA CARDIN - The Presidents' President
  • NEHAMA LEIBOWITZ - Teacher of a Nation
  • YAEL ARAD - Olympic Champion

With a foreword by Gloria Goldreich