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Worse and Worse on Noah's Ark

Vivian Mineker
It's not easy to get along when you're crowded together on an ark--or at home. How can creatures live together in harmony? The animals on Noah's ark figured it out. Discover their secret.
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The weather in Noah's neighborhood was terrible.

It rained and rained and rained.

It looked like it would never stop! Noah and his family crowded on board the ark.

The animals got seasick.

The skunks made a stink.

Could things get any worse?

From bad weather to hungry animals to a leak in the ark, things get worse and worse . . .and WORSE. And then they figured out a way to make things better.

(Ages 5-8)


Life on the ark wasn't always a lark.

Noah follows God's commandment to build a really big ark with the help of his wife and his sons. In a bit of linguistic license, Mrs. Noah turns to Yiddish to complain, as do the sons. What with the constant rain, things just get 'WORSE and WORSE and WORSE.' The animals arrive, and the ark gets crowded, dirty, and throwing-up smelly. Yes, it keeps getting worse. Then the critters begin to argue among themselves and eye one another hungrily. The smells increase, and the Noah family wonders one more time, 'Could things get any worse?'

They do when the ark springs a leak, but Noah has a solution: cooperation. Tranquility and a good-neighbor policy result. The flood ends, and the Noah family and the animals all happily disembark.

In her notes, the author states that she has told her tale following the Judaic tradition of midrash, stories that elucidate Biblical text. She also hopes that readers of her book will learn to live in 'harmony,' with 'empathy,' and 'peacefully.'

Mineker's illustrations against a white background provide amusing views of the animals; readers will chuckle at details such as the blissfully sleeping sloths and sneezing squirrels. The humans are depicted with white and brown faces. The story of Noah and the Ark provides a lesson in living together in peace. (Picture book. 4-6) --Kirkus Reviews


Leslie Kimmelman is the author of more than two dozen children's books, including The Rabbi Slurps Spaghetti and Everybody Says Shalom, a Sydney Taylor Honor Book. She is an editor at Sesame Workshop.


Vivian Mineker is a Taiwanese-American artist from Taipei, Taiwan and Portland, Oregon. Her blend of traditional and digital artwork has graced thepages of a number of books, including a picture book edition of Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken, and S'mores Indoors.