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A Kid's Mensch Handbook

Bring Jewish values to life with an engaging blend of mitzvot, middot, and timeless Jewish wisdom.
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Bring Jewish values to life with an engaging blend of mitzvot, middot, and timeless Jewish wisdom.

At an age when students are thinking critically about right and wrong, the importance of the choices they make, and the role that Judaism will play in their lives, A Kid's Mensch Handbook provides a wealth of Jewish advice, experience, and answers. Presented in a modern format designed to engage your students' interest and imaginations, A Kid's Mensch Handbook provides each student with a unique and lasting connection to core Jewish values.


  • The book is organized into three sections: Mensch BasicsBe a Mensch to Yourself, and Be a Mensch to Others. Together, they help students understand basics of menschlekeit, how introspection and self-examination lead to self-respect, and how respect for oneself leads to respect for and from others.
  • Real-life examples, midrashic and historical vignettes, and lively narrative make Jewish values tangible, understandable, and applicable to your students' everyday lives.
  • Interactive features such as "Mensch-Wise" (What do you think it means to be "created in God's image"?), "Mensch Top 5" (Check out these tips to becoming your own best friend...), and "A Note of Middot" (Sameah b'helko reminds us to be content with what we have — and who we are!)
  • Thought-provoking exercises, intriguing questionnaires, and fun surveys allow each student to draw a personal connection to each Jewish value, and to imagine the role he or she can play in the Jewish and global communities.
  • Includes a "Mensch Index" with handy definitions and cross-references to mitzvot, middot, and midrash found throughout the book.


Watch a video of the author presenting a workshop on teaching The Kid's Mensch Handbook.

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