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The Desert Unicorn

Amberin Huq
As the Israelites journey to the Promised Land, a unicorn brings joy and inspiration to the children. This story draws from the rabbinic understanding of tachash, a mysterious creature named in the Book of Exodus.
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Free from slavery at last, the Israelites headed to the Promised Land.

"Are we there yet?" cried the children.

In the harsh desert, the Israelites wander on rugged paths, under the blazing sun, through chilly nights. It feels endless.

One day, the children discover a creature with a horn that glows like the moon and a coat that glistens like stained glass. A creature as real as hope, as real as joy. The journey to the Promised Land will be long, but the desert unicorn will light the way in this story inspired by an ancient rabbinic understanding of a creature named in the Book of Exodus.

A Note for Families

When the Israelites were freed from the darkness of slavery in Egypt, they had a long journey ahead. But they also had the desert unicorn. It gave them hope and resilience and provided light along their way.

While the unicorn is a fancilful creature, this story emerges from the ancient rabbinic understanding of the tachash, a creature named in the Bible. The unicorn in this story has a special role. Seen only by the children on their desert journey, it comforted them when they were sad or lonely or scared. It brought them inspiration and joy. It showed them how to make the most of a difficult situation, and it brought them closer together.

We hope that this story will help you find hope in difficult times, inspiration in unexpected places, adn the daily magic that can make long journeys bearable and meaningful.

Where else can you find hope in difficult times? Who helps you? What does hope feel like?

About the Authors

Bonnie Grubman is the author of Oy Vey! Life in a Shoe. She has two grown kids, two amazing grandsons, and a loveable grand-dog named Ziggy. She lives in New York.

Kerry Olitzky, named one of the fifty leadig rabbis in North America by Newsweek, is the author of Welcome to the Seder: A Passover Haggadah for Everyone. He lives in New Jersey.

About the Illustrator

Amberin Huq also illustrated Night Lights: A Sukkot Story by Barbara Diamond Goldin. Most of the time you can find her scribbling characters at her desk. She lives outside of London, UK.