Best Practices for Using Hebrew in Harmony Digital

Music is the key element of Hebrew in Harmony—it brings the program to life.  The more than 60 prayers and songs from dozens of today’s top Jewish musicians can only be found in Hebrew in Harmony Digital.

This app is an essential component and it can be used on any device – tablets, smartphones, or computers.

What’s in Hebrew in Harmony Digital

Each digital prayer comes with:

  • - Music and Videos -  Musical hosts Eliana Light and Noah Aronson, and guests The Bible Players, help students dive into the prayer words, melodies, and meaning. Music for each prayer includes a traditional melody plus 3-4 musical interpretations of the prayer. - Videos explain the meaning of the prayer.
  • - Games - 2-3 games for each prayer reinforce key concepts and vocabulary in game-style play.
  • - Hebrew Reading Practice - Hear the prayer in Israeli and American voices. Includes three levels of listening, reading practice, and recording options. 

All the music for all 22 prayers in the series are in the app.  Once you've downloaded the app, play the songs directly from each prayer. 

What's most important 

The music and the videos are the two key sensory elements that distinguish Hebrew in Harmony. Everything else in the digital companion - the games, Hebrew reading and recording, and teacher review and feedback options - is designed for additional practice and skills building

At a minimum

When you order a Hebrew in Harmony Curriculum Core, it includes one free license to the app. Students will benefit the most if they have individual access to the digital, but if that's not a reality for your school, you can teach Hebrew in Harmony if you have at minimum, a license for the teacher plus the ability to share the digital in class. Sharing the digital with a class could be as simple as downloading the app onto an iPad and playing the music and videos for the class on speakers. 

Four tips for success

1. Practice with the technology before Day One. Get comfortable accessing the app.

2. Use loud speakers to play the music. Students will not hear the music well if playing just from your phone or iPad. Speakers ensure the music envelops the group. You can also connect your computer, iPad or phone to a projector to show the videos to the entire group.

3. Get a few extra licenses so you can download the digital companion on several devices that are shared among students. The digital brings the prayer content to life with music and videos, and adds variety to the class. It's useful to have more than one license because:

-- Students who finish their work early can play the digital games quietly or listen to the music or watch the videos using headphones or earbuds.

-- The digital encourages collaboration because students can work together in pairs or small groups, watching the videos together for example, or testing each other's reading.

-- It's ideal for use at a station or learning center.

4. Make sure children are utterly familiar with the app and how to access it before sending home information to parents. You are responsible for setting up the students in the Online Learning Center, which links students with the app you've purchased. The app is available on all devices, and we recommend accessing via an iPad for the best experience.  Have students practice logging in during class, give them opportunties to practice reading Hebrew and playing the games so they can teach their parents how the app works. To use at home, students need to go to the App Store, download “Hebrew in Harmony” and log in using their email and password you provide them. 

Try Hebrew in Harmony Digital - FREE - with the Sh'ma and Mi Chamocha prayers.  All the features and music for the prayer are included in the sample.  

Click here for a sample lesson from the Sh'ma Curriculum Core. 

Click here to sample the Sh'ma student journal.


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