Bite-Size Tu Bishevat Lessons Now Available for Download

Behrman House has just released a new batch of free, ready-to-go lessons and activities for Tu Bishevat and Hebrew.

Every few months we have been curating Hebrew and Judaics resources for learners of all ages to get you through this important and difficult time in Jewish education. Whether you are back in the classroom, continuing remote learning, or implementing a blended home/school environment, our resources can provide a meaningful learning experience for your students.

Thousands of educators and students have been using these free downloadable materials, and we've just refreshed them with new Hebrew lessons and hands-on learning for Tu BiShevat. 

For example, two new lessons for grades K-2 help students learn about getting in touch with nature and the value of caring for God's beautiful world, with activities like a tree treasure hunt, mindfulness moments like tasting fruit, and charades. 

Two new lessons for grades 3-6 focus on the mitzvah of bal tashchit, caring for the environment, enhanced by games, activities, and discussion prompts. And more.

Find the Tu BiShevat Lessons and the Educator Resources page here.

In addition, we've also put together are some Guides for Remote Learning for Hebrew and for Judaics with smart tips that can be applied to any of the free resources on this new resource page.

And top it off, we’ve put together a Curriculum Guide to show how three Big Ideas can help you structure a year-long curriculum using these and forthcoming free resources.

You can find these resources - along with many others - right our home page. 

Enjoy the collection! 



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