Celebrating 50 Years of Women in the Rabbinate

It was the 1970s. and doors were opening for women all across America. They could be doctors, lawyers, even pilots. But two thousand years of tradition said they couldn't be rabbis.  Until Sally.

Sally Priesand wanted not just to learn Torah, but to teach it; not just to listen to a sermon, but give one; not just sit in the congregation, but lead it.

In rabbinical school, people whispered, "She is only here to find a husband."

"She will never finish."

"No congregation will hire her."

But Sally didn't listen. She finished her studies and became the first women rabbi in America. She opened the door for the many women who followed, and her story inspires us all to reach for our dreams.

Sally Opened Doors - coming June 7

By Sandy Sasso; Ilustrated by Margeaux Lucas

Apples & Honey Press 

Available now for pre-order

The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives in Cincinnati is hosting an exhibition feature never-before seen documents relating to Sally J. Priesand's journey to becoming the first woman rabbi ordained in North America. Visitors will also be able to view unique memorabilia and personal artifacts recently donated by Rabbi Priesand which are now preserved in the collection of the American Jewish Archives. Now through May 2023.