Movement and Mindfulness for Your Youngest Learners This Purim

Create a pose that shows what bravery feels like in your body.

Try tilting your head up and standing straight and tall.

Or try making strong muscles in your arms.

This is one activity to try from the freshly updated Let’s Discover the Holidays series of 4-page folders, designed for children in grades K-2. Invite students to make a circle and do the activity with brave poses. Encourage students to notice where in their bodies they feel brave. (in my muscles; in my heart; my brain; my arms and legs) Suggest they try another pose and see if their brave feeling changes too.

This kind of mindful moment, along with new movement and creative arts activities, thought questions, and crisp, descriptive text, bring the holidays to life. Below are some sample pages from the Celebrating Purim folder for you to try out with your students. 

Click here for the Teacher Guide pages for these pages from the Let's Discover the Holidays folder called Celebrating Purim.


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