“Before there were books there were scrolls, and before there were scrolls there were stories, and so this office, like previous offices, will fill itself up with many stories that will create that sacred space as well. I think Kohelet said it best when he said, “The making of books knows no end,” and that that’s probably our best prayer for Behrman House as well.”

                                                                                                                             — Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky

After a long year of preparation and hard work, we’ve finally settled into our new home at 241 Millburn Avenue in Millburn, New Jersey. Along with moving to a new office, we’ve made a lot of other changes in the past year, including building a new website for a better purchasing experience, moving our warehouse and fulfillment center to Georgiaadding a new tech support feature for Online Learning Center users to report glitches and request assistance, making meaningful edits to our Hebrew in Harmony app, along with lots of behind-the-scenes changes to how we work internally, and so much more — all while creating new and exciting learning materials.

With a lot to celebrate and many people to thank for our successes of the past year, we held our Chanukat Habayit ceremony on June 6. Special guest Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky led us in thoughtful prayer before affixing our mezuzah to the door. Afterward, we enjoyed an evening of food, stories, laughter, and friendship in the comfort of our new space.


We also spent some time celebrating our colleague and friend Marlene Myerson. She has worked with us as a curriculum consultant and specialist of CHAI and Mitkadem for three years, and is moving on to work individually as an education consultant. We gathered together our full Behrman House team from New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Canada, and Los Angeles not only for our Chanukat Habayit but also to wish farewell and good luck to a colleague who has been dedicated, knowledgeable, hardworking, and above all, a pleasure to work with. 

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