Found Money for Your School Budget

We’ve been reviewing our accounts and discovered that a number of educators and schools have credit balances that are good toward future purchases from Behrman House but that have remained unused. Some credits are worth hundreds of dollars toward future orders!

To encourage you to use them we are sending out special statements in the coming week to all accounts that have unused credits. We hope you find this helpful in planning your budgets for the coming year. You may use the credits any time in the coming year. When you place your school order, or when you get the invoice for your order, simply call or email and let us know that you wish to apply your credits.

Any account with a net credit balance should receive a credit statement by December 17. Statements will be emailed to the same email address to which regular statements are sent. This may be a bookkeeper or other administrator, so be sure to check with the person responsible for your school bills to see if you have received a statement.

Who knows, much of your 2021 school order might already be paid for!

Regular statements of invoices due were emailed earlier this week, and we thank those schools in advance for your prompt payment.

Questions? Email us at



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