Learning Hebrew is a skill, and just like any other skill it takes practice to keep sharp. Get your students' Hebrew muscles into shape quickly and maybe with some laughs along the way with these resources designed exactly for review and practice.

Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader

Strengthen your Hebrew in just 10 minutes. Practice your Hebrew reading with these simple and quick games!

Students read words to hit a home run and bowl a strike. They'll sing, stretch, clap, and even do some jumping jacks. As studentsplay, they'll get faster and more accurate. They'll find themselves growing into a confident Hebrew reader.

Each game takes just ten minutes; unless of course, you can do it even faster. So, on your mark, get set...read!

Click the image for a free downloadable page to share with your students. 

Back-to-School Hebrew Reading Refresher

Do your students lose their Hebrew reading skills every year between May and September?

Designed as a follow-up to Shalom Uvrachah--The New Hebrew Primer, the Back-to-School Hebrew Reading Refresher can be used after this or any other primer for 3-4 weeks at the start of the school year to:

  • - Review Hebrew letters and words
  • - Drill Hebrew reading and remediate reading problems
  • - Practice writing skills
  • - Enrich cultural concepts

Click below for two \free downloadable pages to share with your students. 


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