Greet Hanukkah with 10 Holiday-Themed Children's Books

 Looking for a new way to invite Hanukkah into your home or classroom? Share some stories with your family or with your students with Hanukkah-themed stories to suit your curriculum and your needs.

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How It’s Made: Hanukkah Menorah

How is a menorah made?
Why does it have nine branches?
What is Hanukkah, anyway?
Meet the people who make different menorahs, and find out how an ancient Jewish tradition is celebrated. What are the different elements that make a menorah? When do we light it? What blessings do we say, and
how does it all fit in the miracle of Hanukkah?

Hannah’s Hanukkah Hiccups

Hannah can't stop hiccuping!
"Drink pickle juice backward," says Mr. Taylor on the first night of Hanukkah.
Then, Señora Rivera gives Hannah a wet red string to place on her forehead to make the hiccups go away. Hannah tries drinking ginger ale, breathing into a paper bag, and even slathering peanut butter on her latkes.
But nothing works.
How will Hannah sing her solo at the Hanukkah play if her hiccups don't go away?

Judah Maccabee Goes to the Doctor: A Story for Hanukkah

Being the best and the bravest wasn't only an outside, shiny-shield thing. It was an on-the-inside thing too. And that's what he had to show Hannah.

More than anything, Judah wants to be a good big brother to his baby sister, Hannah. He even uses his new Maccabee shield to protect her from danger!

On the last day of Hanukkah, during a visit to the doctor, Judah refuses to have his shot. Surely, his shield can protect him from germs, too!

Farmer Kobi’s Hanukkah Match
By Karen Rostoker-Gruber and Rabbi Ron Isaacs
Illustrated by CB Decker

Farmer Kobi’s well-mannered goats, donkey, and sheep know just how to play host, and they give Polly, Kobi’s Hanukkah guest, a gracious welcome. But when Polly isn’t sure animals belong in a house, what will happen next?  Find out with laugh-out-loud pictures and puns that are sure to entertain all readers.

Meet author Karen Rostoker-Gruber at one of her book events. Click here for more info.

Hanukkah Cookies with Sprinkles
By David Adler
Illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler

Sara sees an old man pick up a bruised apple from the discarded pile next to the local market. She wonders if he's hungry, as she eats her own breakfast. She wonders if he's lonely, as she shares Shabbat dinner with Mom and Grandma. As Hanukkah approaches, a season of light and hope, Sara discovers that tzedakah can be as bright and colorful as a Hanukkah cookie with sprinkles.

A Note for Families provides context about the story and traditions of Hanukkah, and about the meaning of tzedakah, and challenges readers to think about ways they can give tzedakah, too.

Chanukah on the Prairie

Chanukah on the Prairie is the perfect introduction to a little-known slice of American Jewish history.

As many Eastern European Jews immigrated to America, a small few traveled beyond New York City to the West. There, in the rolling plains, much like the homes they had left behind, Jews from all over Eastern Europe came together to make a new home.

Based upon true events, this poignant story by Burt E. Schuman with beautiful illustrations by Rosalind Charney Kaye, follows the journey of the Zalcmans as they travel from their small village in Poland to Ellis Island and ultimately to Grand Forks. This story is a wonderful addition to any child's library. Join in the joy as the new immigrants celebrate their first Chanukah in a new land.

The Chanukah Blessing

The stranger walked slowly past many houses, looking carefully at each one as he passed. What was he looking for? "Aha!" he called out softly, and the coldness of his breath formed a puff of white smoke. "Here is the house I am looking for." And he stopped a certain cottage. It was a tiny house compared to the others in the town. There was nothing to make it stand out, except for...

With this, the mysterious stranger knocks on the door and is invited inside to join a family in its meager Chanukah celebration. The family joyfully shares the little they have with the stranger, who repays their generosity and hospitality when he leaves.

Melly’s Menorah

Melly's family is busy preparing for Hanukkah-decorating, wrapping presents, making cards, frying latkes—and no one has time for little Melly. But when the centerpiece of the holiday, the menorah, is missing, Melly comes to the rescue with a cookie dough menorah.

First published in 1991, this timeless picture book celebrates the joys of Hanukkah and the contributions of all family members, no matter how small.

Extend the fun: 40 full-color stickers bound into the book!

Too Many Latkes

It's Hanukkah eve at the Smalls', but Dad is standing on a street corner, broke. A stranger offers him a unique present. Dad takes it home and the magic begins.

This modern day fable is best read by the light of the menorah. And just like the traditional holiday dish, latkes, you can't get enough of it.

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