Hebrew in Harmony Tips to Start the Year Strong

The music-based prayer program Hebrew in Harmony has been adopted by hundreds of schools. Tap into the energy of its music, movement, and meaning to begin the new year with confidence.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Get familiar with the Curriculum Core. The Hebrew in Harmony Curriculum Core is your friend, and as such, provides all the guidance and suggestions you need. The two key features that educators find most valuable are the rich variety of ways to learn Hebrew prayer through music and the volume of activities.

Need help choosing activities to fit your available time? Click here for a PDF of the highlights from the Curriculum Core for schools with around 45 minutes of Hebrew learning time per week.

Highlight the key elements. Introducing a new curriculum can be challenging, so focus first on the elements that make Hebrew in Harmony unique – the music and the videos – to get students and teachers excited. These are the two key sensory elements. Use loud speakers to ensure the music envelops students, and connect your computer, iPad or phone to a projector to show the videos to the entire group.

For specific ideas on how to introduce Hebrew in Harmony on Day 1, click here.

Identify student strengths and challenges.  With such a rich and wide variety of activities in Hebrew in Harmony, knowing each student’s learning goals and how they learn best will help you choose which elements to use for your allotted time. Understanding each student’s needs will also be key to strengthening Hebrew reading, if needed.

For specific ideas on boosting Hebrew reading practice in Hebrew in Harmony, click here.




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