From a creator of the groundbreaking The Jewish Catalog comes a new Jewish resource for a new age.

Getting Good at Getting Older, by Richard Siegel and Rabbi Laura Geller, is a tour for all of us "of a certain age" through the resources and skills to navigate the years between maturity and old age. It brings humor, warmth, and more than 4,000 years of Jewish experience to the question of how to shape this new stage of life.

Just as The Jewish Catalog gave a generation the tools to “take back Judaism from the staid hands of our elders and reshape it for our time,” Getting Good at Getting Older gives the “young older” an opportunity to discover in Jewish tradition and culture the tools to bring meaning and purpose to this new stage of life. It offers ways to transform the paradigm of aging from one of decline to one of opportunity.  And it will empower people of all backgrounds to change their lives as they change the world.

"Getting Good at Getting Older is a bedside companion, a portable best friend, and a baedeker of essential resources for anyone smart enough to age mindfully rather than just let it happen to them." 

           -Letty Cottin Pogrebin, founding editor of Ms. magazine and author of Getting Over Getting Older


"Rabbi Laura Geller has poured her generous soul into this offering. How astonishing to live in a time when the very nature of lifespan - and thus of aging - is transforming before our eyes. This book is pragmatic, playful, and wise. It is an invitation to stop treating age as an enemy, as our culture suggests, and to claim its abundant gifts."

           -Krista Tippett, host of On Being and found of The On Being Project


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