"May transform the way you experience Judaism."  

        --Ryan M. Niemiec, Psy.D. VIA Institute on Character

Drawing on 3,000 years of ancient wisdom and the modern science of well-being, Positive Judaism: For a Life of Well-Being and Happiness by Rabbi Darren Levine challenges us with new ways to approach relationships, careers, health, and money to increase lifelong happiness. At the same time, it offers us practical ways to cope with real-life challenges such as divorce, illness, loneliness, and job loss.

Virtues like hope, resilience, and optimism that are proven to support well-being are deeply rooted in Jewish holidays, prayers, and traditions. The principles of Positive Judaism provide access to these virtues and practices, providing a profoundly new vision for thriving in today's world. 

Positive Judaism also includes an adapted PERMA Well-Being Profiler so you can assess your level of well-being; a Signature Strengths Survey so you can get a sense of your particular character strengths, and instructions for a Positive Judaism Passover seder that incorporates themes of gratitude, resilience, wisdom, courage, forgiveness and Justice.

"Affirming and inspiring, this book weaves together personal anecdotes, scriptural teachings, and opportunities for the reader to reflect on the values and practices that are essential to a flourishing life."  --The Rev. Dr. William Lupfer, Trinity Church Wall Street

"A concise, accessible, and often personal entry point for what could possibly unlock the gates of Jewish life for many Jews around the world today and in the future." --David BryfmanCEO Jewish Education Project

Also available for Kindle and other digital readers, and as an audio book. 

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