We understand that planning a curriculum, whether for a single grade or for an entire school, can feel overwhelming. That's why we offer a variety of resources to help you navigate the process.


Consider three BIG IDEAS that encompass the key values and purpose of part-time Jewish education programs in our guide, "Big Ideas for Jewish Learning." This guide maps out the essential questions for exploring those big ideas, describes evidence of learning, and offers suggestions for materials and projects to teach those big ideas.

Consult our downloadable pullout guides - organized by grade level, subject and ability - to match your needs with the best Hebrew and Jewish heritage materials for your students.  Download the Judaica Planning Guide or the Hebrew Curriculum Guide.

Our guide, "How to Choose Hebrew Learning Materials" walks you through a series of questions to help you determine your goals for Hebrew learning, whether you're at the pre-primer, primer, or older student stage. Then it points you Hebrew materials that meet your goals. 


Our catalog features all of our new materials, as well as many of the Behrman House materials you've relied on before, plus the pullout Judaica and Hebrew Curriculum Planning Guides mentioned above.  Find the 2017-18 catalog here or contact us at (800) 221-2755 to get a print copy. The 2018-19 catalog will be available this spring.


All of these curriculum planning materials - and more - are available in the Plan section of behrmanhouse.com.  

You can also find another excellent source of curriculum planning information at the menu tabs across the top of our home page. Use the menu to find quick access to all the materials and resources you need, all in one convenient place for you to make your selection and order. To explore all Hebrew options, for example, hover over 'Hebrew' in the menu to see all available materials.


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