Practice Hebrew Reading Using Hebrew in Harmony's Mah Nishtanah

Singing the Mah Nishtanah gives children a chance to participate in the Passover seder. As educators, we can prepare them for the holiday by building connections between the Mah Nishtanah and the value of asking questions so they know what the song is all about. We can also help them build their Hebrew skills so they can sing the Four Questions with confidence.

In the Mah Nishtanah module of Hebrew in Harmony--our innovative music-based curriculum--there are three essential sources of Hebrew reading practice :

  1. 1. The complete prayers in every student journal.
  2. 2. Three “Hebrew Helpers” pages in every student journal.
  3. 3. Hebrew in Harmony app—the best way to practice, at home or at learning centers in class.

For a limited time, we’re making available the Mah Nishtanah digital companion for FREE. There, students can hear the Mah Nishtanah word-by-word or line-by-line, in both American and Israeli accents. They can also record themselves saying (or singing) the song, word-by-word or line-by-line, and listen to their recordings. (The app also includes the traditional melody plus some variations, videos to learn about the meaning of the song, and games to reinforce the learning.) 

Want even more Hebrew reading practice? Click here for additional Mah Nishtanah reading activities.

We will also be posting more FREE Passover-related reading practice to the Hebrew in Harmony Facebook group over the coming weeks. Join the group today!

Through Passover, we are providing you with three free lessons about Mah Nishtanah and the seder from Hebrew in Harmony, drawn from the Curriculum Core.  

To learn more about Hebrew in Harmony, visit our Curriculum Core pageClick through the tabs on that page to get an introduction to the program, read answers to common questions, sample music from more than 60 of today's top Jewish musicians, and hear how other educators are using the program to lead their classroom to success.


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