International Women's Day - on March 8 - is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This year's theme is "Choose To Challenge." 

Here are four stories to share with children that feature brave women who chose to carve their own paths in the face of resistance.

Queen Vashti's Comfy Pants

by Leah Berkowitz, illustrated by Ruth Bennett

The #1 new release in children Jewish fiction. This is not a Purim story. Rather, it's a midrash about a fierce queen who refuses demands by her husband that make her uncomortable, even though her
husband is the king. Vashti stands up for herself and refuses to be objectified. 

"Vashti is a modern woman stuck in an ancient time." - PJ Library 


Judy Led the Way

by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, illustrated by Margeaux Lucas

Judy Kaplan loves to ask all kinds of questions. It is the 1920s, and women in the United States have both recently won the right to vote and are working at jobs once held only by men. Women are even driving cars. Judy questions why women sit separately from men, no women read from the Torah, and only boys become bar mitzvah when they turn 13. The true story of how Judith Kaplan was the first female to read from the Torah in a synagogue - becoming the world's first bat mitzvah. 

"Judy is a force for change. Lovely." - Kirkus Reviews


Regina Persisted: An Untold Story

by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, illustrated by Margeaux Lucas

The true story of Regina Jonas, the first woman ever ordained as a rabbi — in Germany in 1935. Follow Regina as she fights to study, take her test, and finally earn the title of rabbi. Today there are nearly 1,000 women rabbis around the world, among them the book’s author.

"Evocative, inspiring, and uplifting." - Kirkus Reviews


Roller-Coaster Grandma: The Amazing Story of Dr. Ruth

by Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Pierre Lehu, illustrated by Mark Simmons

From her escape from the Nazis at age ten to her training as a sniper in Israel to her US immigration, this age-appropriate autobiography of Dr. Ruth Westheimer highlights how she worked her way up from a maid to a college professor to eventual television star. 

"Her life is inspiring, her story is amazing, and this format is as creative and hilarious as she is. Brilliant!" - Mayim Bialik, neuroscientist, blogger, and actress


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