Teach Real Hebrew with Real Fun

Hebrew is a real, living, dynamic language. Teach it that way.

As a spoken language, Hebrew’s revival from a dusty relic to the linchpin of a vibrant society in little more than a century is wondrous. Modern Hebrew can be taught to children by tapping into its energy and helping them connect with the language in authentic ways.

Hebrew Alive! Talk, Move, and Play the Ulpan Way is a new conversational course that draws from active, movement-based activities to give children functional language to practice conversations in real-life situations.

Hebrew Alive is a curriculum guide for teachers of students in grades three through six. It’s built on Ulpan Alef and Ulpan Bet student folders, and can be used independently for conversational Hebrew in as little as ten minutes a day or as a year-long course.

All activities include children responding to or producing Hebrew language at their own level.

Hebrew Alive will be available beginning January 11. If you’re a member of our Golem program, your copy is already on its way! Not a Golem Plan member? Click here to learn how to join.

Here are some sample activities: 


(Note that Hebrew Alive does not replace the Teacher’s Guides for Ulpan Alef and Ulpan Bet. Those guides give specific teaching techniques for the Ulpan series, including how to use the written activities, classroom management, and timing.)


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